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Industrial layout

B2B canteen delivery
For 26 years, Honghong Agricultural Products Group has focused on providing one-stop canteen ingredients procurement and distribution services for eight systems including party and government organs, financial system, political and legal system, education system, large enterprises, and medical system.
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Vegetable processing
Honghong has professional agricultural product sorting and distribution centers, mainly distributed in Shenzhen (headquarters), Guangzhou, Foshan, Shanghai, Wuhan and Changsha; Over the years, we have successfully served more than 22,000 customers such as education system, party and government organs, financial system and large enterprises. Honghong Agricultural Products Group has built large planting bases in Guangdong, Hubei, Hainan, Shandong and other places, and has integrated more than 100 ecological agricultural bases across the country through joint venture cooperation. Through professional quality control team, strict safety system, traceability system, external testing institutions and third-party supervision and control, strictly control the safety of food ingredients from the source to the table
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Premade dish
Only the choice of school & large canteen, committed to providing customers with a comprehensive canteen supply solution.
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Science and technology Honghong
The new generation of digital supply chain management SAAS system independently developed by the group has been launched, and the digitalization of science and technology has been engraved into the corporate gene of Honghong, becoming one of the core competitiveness of the company.
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Cold chain logistics
Honghong Cold Chain focuses on fresh cold chain logistics services, relying on self-built high-standard cold storage, powerful transportation and distribution network and intelligent logistics system, to create a cold chain infrastructure network that covers the whole scene with visible warehouse distribution.
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Food safety
Food safety responsibility is more important than Taishan, is above all the work, Honghong will be food safety throughout all aspects of enterprise operation, forming a perfect 360-degree food quality and safety control system.
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Public institutions adopt it uniformly
Over the years, we have successfully served more than 22,000 customers such as education system, party and government organs, medical system and group enterprises.
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About Honghong

To build China's trustworthy agricultural products supply service platform
Honghong Agricultural Products Group is a group enterprise integrating one-stop urban distribution of all categories of food materials, construction of ecological agriculture base, cold chain logistics of agricultural products, vegetable processing, Internet + agricultural products. Started in 1997, after 26 years of industry precipitation, it has established more than 110 molecular companies in more than 20 provinces in South China, Central China, East China, North China and Southwest China, with large-scale agricultural product processing and distribution centers, fresh and cold storage centers, food testing centers and planting and breeding bases.
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  • 110+a
    Molecular company
  • 20+province
  • 30000+mu
    Joint planting base

Partner Plan

Choice is more important than effort
Honghong has been adhering to the purpose of "helping partners become bigger and stronger",
In the next three years, we will recruit 100 agricultural product distribution partners across the country to win the future.
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  • Brand empowerment

  • Financial empowerment

  • Technological empowerment

  • Operational empowerment

  • Supply chain empowerment